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  • Men's Physique Template

Men's Physique Template

These templates were created to let you quickly and easily design customizable weight training programs for muscular development. In plain language, it’s a program generator designed to get you one of two things:

  • More muscular all around (or just in places where you need the most work)
  • Save your hard-earned muscle while losing fat

The design of the templates is such that you can use them while gaining weight (for maximal muscle growth), while maintaining weight (for some muscle growth and fat loss at the same time), and/or while losing weight (to save your hard-earned muscle while you chisel away the fat).

  • 1 Excel Spreadsheet with three different training mesocycles built in covering 13 total weeks of training.
  • Two high volume training programs and one lower volume resensitization program (these are the 3 mesocycles). These programs are reusable as well, meaning you can get years worth of training potentially
  • Templates are customized to you based on your training experience, which bodypart you want to focus on and number of days per week you prefer to train
  • A detailed FAQ that covers tons of start up questions
  • A detailed “how to” that walks you through exactly how to use the templates and to get the most out of them
  • Option to join our RP specific Facebook group to ask questions and interact with thousands of other users
  • Each body part training goal or change in # of days per week will require a separate template purchase
  • Only guaranteed to work in MS Excel
Men's Physique Template $99.99