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  • Online Coaching: 1 on 1-Powerlifting

Online Coaching: 1 on 1-Powerlifting

Juggernaut Training Systems is home to some of the best coaches and athletes in Powerlifting and we want to help enhance your training. Our 1 on 1 Level program is our most involved and personalized level of online coaching. 

With the 1 on 1 Level Powerlifting Program you'll get: 

-Totally customized programming designed for your unique experience, abilities and goals.

-Weekly checkups with your coach to discuss progress and adjust training.

-A video database with instructions and troubleshooting for every exercise in your program. 

-15% off any purchases from Juggernaut during your membership.

-1 on 1 Level Powerlifting Programming is $207/month and will be every 4 weeks on a recurring basis. 

For questions about this service or your order please email OnlineCoaching@JTSstrength.com

Juggernaut Online Powerlifting Coaches include: 

-Chad Wesley Smith, Founder of JTS, Top 10 Raw Powerlifting Total of All-Time, Coach to numerous Top 5 Totals of All-Time

-Max Aita, JuggernautHQ Head Coach, 335kg/738# aw w/ Wraps Squat at 100kg/220#. Coach to Kristy Hawkins-All Time Squat, Deadlift and Total World Record Holder at 75kg/165#

-Marisa Inda, 2x USAPL National Champion, IPF World Team, American ecord Bench, Deadlift and Total in 52kg/114# Class.

-Andy Huang, Top 5 All-Time Total at 125kg/275#, 965kg/2126# Sleeves Total

-Kristen Dunsmore, 440kg/970# Total at 63kg/138.8# in USAPL, Masters in Exercise Science.

Online Coaching: 1 on 1-Powerlifting $207