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  • Online Coaching: Team-Powerlifting

Online Coaching: Team-Powerlifting

Juggernaut Training Systems is home to some of the best coaches and athletes in Powerlifting and we want to help enhance your training. Our Team Level program is a great way to get personalized programming and individualized technical instruction for an affordable price. 

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How Does The Team Program work?

-Chad Wesley Smith has created a variety of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 week templates specifically designed towards different levels of experience, size, strength, gender and weaknesses.

-By answering the questions below, we will help identify which program is best suited to you and give you our 3 top recommendations for the program that will help you the most. 

-That program will be sent to you via email in 4 week blocks. 

-You will be added to our private Team Juggernaut Powerlifting Facebook group where you can post your training videos for critique and answer questions to our Coaching Team of Chad, Marisa Inda, Andy Huang and Kristen Dunsmore. 

With the Team Level Powerlifting Program you'll get: 

-Programming written by Team Juggernaut Head Coach Chad Wesley Smith tailored to your gender, level of experience and size.

-A personal coach to further customize your program to your needs, help you pick appropriate training loads and review your videos for technical improvement. 

-Biweekly Webinar/Q&A sessions with Chad and Team Juggernaut athletes like Marisa Inda, Andy Huang and Kristen Dunsmore 

-A video database with instructions and troubleshooting for every exercise in your program. 

-10% off any purchases from Juggernaut during your membership.

-Team Level Powerlifting Programming is $127/month and will be billed every 4 weeks on a recurring basis. 

For questions about this service or your order please email OnlineCoaching@JTSstrength.com

Juggernaut Online Powerlifting Coaches include: 

-Chad Wesley Smith, Founder of JTS, Top 10 Raw Powerlifting Total of All-Time, Coach to numerous Top 5 Totals of All-Time

-Max Aita, JuggernautHQ Head Coach, 335kg/738# aw w/ Wraps Squat at 100kg/220#. Coach to Kristy Hawkins-All Time Squat, Deadlift and Total World Record Holder at 75kg/165#

-Marisa Inda, 2x USAPL National Champion, IPF World Team, American ecord Bench, Deadlift and Total in 52kg/114# Class.

-Andy Huang, Top 5 All-Time Total at 125kg/275#, 965kg/2126# Sleeves Total

-Kristen Dunsmore, 440kg/970# Total at 63kg/138.8# in USAPL, Masters in Exercise Science.


Online Coaching: Team-Powerlifting $127