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Renaissance Diet Auto-Template
Renaissance Diet Auto-Template
Renaissance Diet Auto-Template
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Renaissance Periodization

Renaissance Diet Auto-Template

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These easy-to-use diets are designed to help you either shed body fat while keeping muscle (the cutting diet) or gain muscle (the massing diet). Both cutting and massing diets come with maintenance diets and with clear, unambiguous instructions as to their modification for your needs.

  • 1 Excel spreadsheet to help you either shed body fat while keeping muscle (the cutting diet) or gain muscle (the massing diet)
  • Meal plans for hard, moderate, light, and non-training days with a workout rating guide to help you determine your training intensity
  • Base, Cut 1, Cut 2, and Cut 3 tabs to alter your diet as your body adapts
  • Built in diet recovery tabs for when your diet ends to help you maintain your results
  • 5 different options for training early morning, late morning, afternoon, evening, and late PM
  • A “how to” guide to using the diet templates to reach your goals
  • An FAQ to answer common questions and a workout rating guide to help you distinguish between light/moderate/hard days

We’ll need your

  • Gender
  • Current Body Weight
  • Goal (fat loss, muscle gain, or weight maintenance with recovery/performance enhancement)
  • Acceptance of the Medical & Legal Waiver (required for purchase, also available on the product selections page). These diets are NOT for those with diabetes, a history of diagnosed eating disorders or any other metabolic or digestive tract related diseases.
  • Payment — Clients would normally pay as much as $250/month for these types of diets with modifications!

We’re very proud of our Auto Templates and we stand by their effectiveness. If you like them too but would like to experience the benefits of direct consultation by an incredibly qualified industry expert, please check out our Personalized Nutrition Planning Services.

Unfortunately due to our limited availability and commitment to our direct-interaction clients, we’re unable to answer personalized questions about the templates. But if you’re the independent type, we think you’ll benefit GREATLY from this product. No refunds once Diet Template has been sent.